Gold Pay

In the past few years, we have seen a surge in pre-paid cards and gift cards as the means by which online casino players from the US can fund their accounts. Sunshine Slots seeks to provide alternative methods to funding online casino accounts, and in this regard, we would like to provide as much information on the types of prepaid cards that exist today.

In light of this new prepaid card method, we would like to explain what Gold Pay is and how it can be used by US players to deposit/withdraw funds.

What is Gold Pay?

Gold-Pay is a gold-backed, redeemable, electronic system that serves as a platform for purchasing gold for the purpose of depositing and withdrawing funds into a merchant account. Currently available to US customers, you can transfer money to your Gold Pay account via cash or bank wire and then transfer those funds into a casino account that accepts Gold Pay. What makes Gold Pay so unique is that you are actually purchasing gold. Thus, when you decide to withdraw winnings from an online casino, you have the option of receiving cash or gold. There is no fee associated with setting up a Gold Pay account.

How Does Gold Pay Work?

To open a Gold-Pay account, users can buy gold directly from Gold Pay via Money-gram, Western Union, Xoom, or Bank Wire. Users can also receive payments from other users who already have gold in their accounts, or they can deposit bullion bars with Gold Pay. Users can use their Gold Pay account balances to make payments to each other by using the web-based interface into login their account and pay Gold Pay grams to another account. To withdraw gold from their respective Gold Pay accounts, users can withdraw directly from Gold Pay by Money-gram, Western Union, or Bank Wire.

How Do I Fund my Gold-Pay Account?

Simply purchase Gold Pay grams directly from Gold Pay by clicking on the buy link and you can fund your Gold Pay account with either Money-gram, Western Union, Xoom, or Bank Wire.

How Do I Withdraw Funds from My Gold Pay Account?

Log in to your Gold Pay account and click "Withdraw". You will see three options, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Bank Wire. Click on the option you want to use, fill out the form click "Send." An email will be sent to you providing the information and instructions on how and when your withdrawal will be available. Western Union and MoneyGram are normally processed within one day and Bank Wires within 48 hours.

As we enter a new decade, it is apparent that Gold Pay and other third-party systems will become the wave of the future for online players who wish to utilize alternative methods of depositing and withdrawing funds from their online casino accounts.

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