When the US sub-prime mortgage crisis sent the stock market into a nose-dive, affecting the entire global community, not only did banks rein in their lending habits and begin raising credit card interest rates, but individuals were forced to confront their own credit card debt and find alternative ways to meet their fiscal responsibilities. For online casino players, one of several methods available to fund an account is credit cards. This can be said of most online casinos. However, within the last few years there has been a rise of Prepaid Cards as the optimal form of funding casino accounts.

Consider, for a moment, the overall benefits of using a prepaid card:

  • Prepaid Cards are loaded with a specific amount.
  • Prepaid Cards are not tied to any bank account.
  • Prepaid Cards are the perfect vehicle by which all debt can be avoided.

From an online player’s perspective, prepaid card use at some of our online casinos comes with additional benefits. For example, if you purchased a prepaid card you will also receive a match bonus up to $1000, based on the casino’s requirements. This, in and of itself, is a savings to the player.

Another benefit to online casino players is that prepaid cards are more widely accepted than credit cards. In the US, for example, several banks will not honor credit card transactions made through online casino accounts. By using prepaid cards, players with or without bank accounts, can fund their accounts more easily and, at the same time, are engaging in a form of debt management as well.

At a time when banks are increasing interest rates at a steady pace, using credit cards may not be the most prudent method to add funds to an online casino account. With the rise of prepaid cards, however, it seems evident that this alternative method has many advantages to online players, and may render the use of credit cards extinct.

New US casinos accepting wide range of Prepaid Cards

Almost all US casinos have an effort to accept Prepaid Cards, but not all of them succeed as much as others. Here is the list of the new US friendly online casinos that took the issue seriously and accept lots of different Prepaid Cards:

Please note that Prepaid Cards is a dynamic issue, so in case of doubt it's always a good idea to ask casino support about acceptance of the prepaid card you have or consider to purchase.

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