What is Square? Square will be used as an electronic credit card device developed by Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter. It will be available by March and has been designed as a black square that users will be able to plug into a mobile microphone socket, thus rendering it a card reader. Due to the inability of some businesses who are unable to complete transactions using credit cards, the Square will fill that void and more. In the world where payments are made in retail stores, this will add a new dimension to electronic payments. There will be no fees to assess, no contracts, and no hidden costs. Users of the Square will be able to read payment cards from any device using an audio input jack. Moreover, you will be able to obtain receipts via email or through your mobile phone as well as access them online. Text messaging will allow you to authorize payments in real time. Ah technology! Square, Rectangle, Oblong, or Round….. You have to love it!