There is a payment method that you can currently use at Sportsbetting.ag. You may also recognize Voucherstation as EZ Voucher. In order to utilize Voucherstation to fund your online casino account, simply register free at voucherstation.com. There is no fee or yearly charges incurred. However, to complete registration, you will need to supply your phone number, credit card, and social security number or passport number. Registering your credit card will enable you to fund your online casino account using three options: you can select a promotional voucher to use; you can select the merchant category of your credit card; and you can submit a voucher as payment. The merchant category is indicated on the back of your credit card as the CVV number (the last 3 digits). Once you create the voucher, you will receive an email indicating the voucher is ready to be used. You can always check the status of vouchers in your account. Note that these vouchers are good for 14 days only, and once a voucher is used, the amount will automatically be deducted from your account. Safe and secure, Voucherstation is one of the most popular banking methods for online casino payments. Therefore, when you join an online casino that accepts EZ Voucher, you can be assured that your vouchers from Voucherstation can be utilized.