Gift Cards for Online and Offline Use

Gift cards have long been a go-to option as an alternative for buying presents during the holidays and, for that matter, throughout the year. However, the variety of gift cards has increased to include online and offline use. The gift cards now available to shoppers offer an array of choices that were unimaginable several years ago. For the recipients of these gift cards, nothing could be more welcome or useful. There are literally hundreds of gift cards you can purchase at large supermarket chains, Kmart, drug store chains and other retail stores that will make shopping this holiday season convenient, less stressful, and rather exciting as well.

Types of Gift Cards Available

There are restaurant gift cards such as Applebee's, Chili's, TGIF, Olive Garden, and Subway; supermarket gift cards such as Stop & Stop; online gift cards such as iTunes; EA Games gift cards, major retail stores such as Macys, Sears, Home Depot, JC Penny, Old Navy, Lands End, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Wal-Mart; Starbucks; Barnes & Noble gift cards; prepaid gift cards for online use including Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. The list is endless. Moreover, gift cards come in a variety of denominations as well.

New Laws for Gift Card Use

One of the major benefits in purchasing gift cards (besides not having to return an actual gift) is that a new law called the Title IV Card Act was implemented on January 1, 2009. The law makes it easier to use gift cards and credit cards for the consumer. Here is the skinny on gift card use.

  • Gift cards do not expire for 5 years.
  • If a gift card expires and it still has a balance on it, you can receive a replacement card free of charge.
  • If you do not use the gift card for one year, there are no inactivity fees incurred.

Can I Purchase Gift Cards at a Discount?

Actually, you can. EBay is the one auction site you may find discounted gift cards. But when shopping for discounted gift cards, be sure that you purchase from sellers who have been given the "best seller award." Also weigh the gift card price and the shipping charges to determine if it is worth the overall cost. Other stores that are offering discounted gift cards are the wholesale stores requiring membership such as Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's. There you may be able to score a great discount on a gift card for selected online and offline stores. There are also gift card sites online where you can purchase these cards at a discount. Note, however, that not all merchant gift cards offered are in your area.

Gift Card Use at Online Casinos

If the recipient of your gift card is an online casino player, a prepaid gift card can be the best gift you can give to them. The card can be used at the following US friendly casinos:


Tis the Season…..

Holiday shopping can be stressful and at times, inconvenient. Add to this the worry that the gift you buy will have to be returned. Many of the major shopping days such as Black Friday have given way to hoards of crowds and while some prefer this method of holiday shopping, others have found online gift buying less stressful and more enjoyable since cyber holiday shopping days were implemented.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

For those of you just hate going to malls and/or cannot find the "perfect" gift for your family or friends this holiday season….we have a solution for you. The next time you go to your local supermarket or drug store, take a look at the large display of gift cards available. You will not only be amazed at the sheer number and scope of the gift cards, but will actually feel as if you are "shopping" for presents without the hassle of bucking crowds and waiting on long check out lines.

Make Your Holiday Season a Merry One

Today, gift cards for online and offline purchases are the "perfect" gift for any family member or friend regardless of age. Look at the gift card as an all purpose present; one that doesn't have to be returned and will allow the person who receives it to buy whatever gift he or she chooses. There is no better gift you can give to yourself and to others!