Prepaid Cards

For some US real money slots and casino games players, depositing into an online casino account with a Visa or MasterCard credit card is not an option. Although a huge percentage of credit cards will swiftly and securely fund a casino account with no problem at all, some players find that theirs may not be used due to restrictions put in place by US banks, or it may be the simple case that, for reasons of their own, a player may not wish to use a credit card in their online casino of choice, and this is where prepaid Visa comes in very handy indeed.

Prepaid Visa cards are now accepted by almost all of the best US online casinos and they function in the exact same way as a Visa credit card in the casino cashier, with all you needing to do is place the card number, expiry date and amount you wish to deposit in the relevant fields, however there are some major differences that make them perfect for the player who cannot use a credit card when depositing into a casino.

There are many types or ‘brands’ of prepaid Visa available but all work in exactly the same way and they can be found in many places right across the US. You’ll find them available in grocery stores such as Wal Mart's, gas stations and pharmacies in each and every state, and while in the store you simply top up the card with real cash at the cashier, it really is that simple, and should you wish you may also find them online.

The card can be used time and time again and whenever you need to place cash on the card you may do so. Prepaid Visa cards are accepted wherever you see the Visa sign and that’s in almost all establishments online and off and many people are now using these type of cards instead of carrying cash around as they’re extremely useful for regular shopping. There is one thing that you need to make sure of before making your deposits into your online casino with your prepaid Visa card, and that’s that the card is OK for online or international purchases, and although almost every single one of them is, it’s always worth checking.

A prepaid Visa works just like a debit card in that you may only spend as much as there is on the card, and that’s another aspect of these cards that many people like in that they can help manage finances and only let you spend, exactly what you’ve put on the card, and that makes them great for real money slots and online casino games players.