While deposit methods used to join online casinos are becoming a constant source of controversy vis a vis banks and other institutions, it is a welcome “site” to see yet another payment method emerge that offers online players yet another opportunity to fund their casino accounts here in the US. PasteandPay, operating out of the UK, is a new funding source that allows for the utilization of vouchers purchased from their site.

How Does PasteandPay Work?

First, you have to join Paste and Pay. There is no registration fee incurred. The online application requires a valid email address, passport number and/or social security number, and a valid credit card. After filling out the application, you will be sent a pin number that can be used to purchase vouchers for use at online merchants as well as online casinos. Your account at PasteandPay will list the vouchers you have purchased. Once used, these vouchers will be debited against your credit card. It's as easy as that!

Do Online Casinos Accept PasteandPay?

Absolutely. In fact, when you join an online casino, just notify the cashier that you will be using the PasteandPay method to fund your casino account. PasteandPay casinos will then apply the voucher to your account, and when you check with PasteandPay, you will see that the voucher has been removed from your account.

Are There Any Fees Associated with PasteandPay?

No. Just as registration is free, there are no fees attached to the purchase of their vouchers. Moreover, PasteandPay vouchers have no expiration date to them, except those that are sold for specific holidays or other occasions.

What Are the Benefits in Using PasteandPay?

Clearly, the ability to join and make deposits into your casino account without having to worry whether or not your payment method is acceptable has become one of the most problematic situations this year. Thus, joining PasteandPay and using a voucher to fund your account is the safest and easiest way to secure membership at an online casino. Another benefit in using PasteandPay is that it decreases the incidence of fraud. They do this by removing credit card information from their database as soon as the transaction is made.

Tired of Credit Card Rejections at Online Casinos?

If you have been trying to join an online casino and have been consistently frustrated by the number of credit card rejections, why not try the voucher system at PasteandPay. It doesn't cost anything, and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the online application. Once you have your pin number, you can then join as many Pasteand Pay casinos as you like. What could be better than that?