Direct Bank Transfer

If you’ve ever used PayPal to withdraw funds into your bank account, you will be quite familiar with the Direct Bank Transfer mechanism that is available at most online casinos. A direct bank transfer affords you the opportunity to make a direct transfer from your bank to your casino account as well as withdraw funds into your bank account. This method is utilized worldwide, and it is one of the safest and effective means of employing bank transfers.\

How Does It Work?

When you join a casino that accepts direct bank transfers, all you have to do is to log into your casino account, click on the direct bank transfer button, and delineate how much money you wish to deposit. You can transfer funds from your personal bank account to the casino account by using any of your bank's transfer facilities. Your account balance should be updated within three days of making the Direct Bank Transfer. Of course, you will have to supply the casino with all the necessary information needed to set up your account, but when you do, depositing and withdrawing funds is an effortless task.\

What Casinos Accept Direct Bank Transfer?

Here is the list of the notable casinos, accepting Direct Bank Transfer:

This internet banking tool allows you to deposit money into your casino account using a local bank transfer from your personal bank account via online or phone. At a time when players are finding it difficult to deposit funds into their casino accounts using credit cards, the direct bank transfer method is becoming the most effective way to ensure that you can join an online casino, deposit funds, and begin to enjoy the full gaming experience.