There is a new payment method called Jumio, and it is hot! Jumio is the next generation of payment methods designed by computer technology that offers online players the opportunity to make deposits, scan IDs, and purchase products for mobile and online transactions. Jumio will reduce fraud and will increase revenue. Due to the increase of mobile usage, and the fact that mobile devices are the wave of the future, Jumio will help create a safe zone in which customers will experience the safest and most efficient online and mobile transactions. There are two products being offered by Jumio: Netverify and Netswipe.


Netverify will allow for real time ID verification, from ID cards to passports to bills, bank statements, and insurance cards. Ideally suited for financial institutions, it will aid consumers in reducing fraud when making purchases of any kind.


Netswipe will become a big hit for consumers who wish to swipe their credit cards and validate them online and via their mobile devices. No entries needed which will, as a result, also reduce fraud. At a time when identity theft is high on the list of hackers and identity thieves, it’s good to know that there is a system whereby credit card transactions can be made safe through these two products.