Make A Deposit

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Make A Deposit is a secure payment system which allows you to use any Visa or MasterCard (including US issued cards) to immediately purchase prepaid calling cards. These cards could also be used to receive equal eCash credits at certified gambling and non-gambling merchants, but since March 13, 2007 stopped processing gambling transaction completely.

If you have the card already, you can use it to make calls only, but if you simply looking for the Make A Deposit as a purchasing methods there is no need to worry - lots of alternative depositing methods available.

Make A Deposit history

Make A Deposit has a pretty simple idea - one could open an account at and purchase a card. You could make a purchase of $100, $200, or $300 using your visa or MasterCard and receive your PIN/card number, and Control Number, by email. Since that moment the calling card started a separate life.

Poker Room accepting Make A Deposit Payment Method

Several poker rooms, like Full Contact Poker (Merged with Poker stars) used to except Make A Deposit, but several just took it to the next level, making special promotion for the new Make A Deposit users.

Pitbull Poker opened "First Time Deposit Bonus - Limited Time Offer" promotion giving $200 for the $500 deposit, Bodog Poker send emails promoting new depositing method during about half a year.

Online Casino accepting Make A Deposit

Currently there are no online casinos accepting Make A Deposit. US players may be interested to check our Best US Casinos list.

Calling Card Casino and Poker room

Many people were confused by the latest publications in a number of online gambling sites regarding calling cards. The term "online card casino" is nothing, but the label, describing the way some online casino and poker rooms allow their VIP players to deposit funds to their accounts.

How Calling Card method works?

Normally, the solid casino and poker rooms have dedicated phone support to help people in a real time to solve all kinds of problems. Those days the biggest problem for the serious gamblers is depositing. Calling cards is the most sophisticated way to make anonymous deposits.

The system works like this:

  • Operator calls to the VIP and describes the deposit problem solution
  • If client agrees, he buys so called "calling card" for a fixed amount of money
  • Client make a login to the software, where "calling card deposit" method appears and deposits money

Simple ,elegant and absolutely anonymous!