Ethereum Classic/ETC

In order to explain what Ethereum Classic is, we would have to go back to 2016 when $60 million worth of Ether was stolen in a hack job. Thus, the Ethereum Foundation was looking at two options: don't do anything about it or "hard fork" to undo it. They chose the latter, which created two blockchains - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. ETC as it is known, went from $10 to $30 with a current value of approximately $12. As you may have read from our reviews of crypto currencies, many of them are basing their platform on Ethereum. While this will keep the price of Ethereum high, Ethereum Classic is way down. One expert commented that: "ETC possesses store-of-value properties similar to precious metals and bitcoin, giving it credence as an inflation hedge over long-term investment horizons. Second, as the digital token that runs Ethereum Classic smart contracts, ETC can become the scarce commodity that powers a universally-scalable Internet of Things." This is another term you will see often when describing crypto currencies. He also stated that by 2025, ETC's value would be close to $150 each. Once again, it is only the speculation of these coins that drives the crypto craze. . This also begs the questions as to the safety and security of these coins, doesn't it?