MasterCard and Ukash

Good news for online casino players! It was just announced that MasterCard and Ukash has joined with Payzone to create an easier way for players to make deposit at online casinos. Accordingly, this system should be ready at the beginning of next year and will be available in the UK and subsequently Europe as well.

It is reported that this new system will not use commercial banks, but will allow players to fund pre-paid cards with cash. As you know, it has become more difficult for online casino players to deposit funds into online casinos with commercial banks and thus Ukash will use third parties allowing for transactions to be processed in an easier manner.

How will this work? MasterCard will provide the cards used to transfer money. Ukash will incorporate the payment system to operate this method, and Payzone will supply the retail outlets so that players can load cash into the cards.

The new system will be called MasterCard rePower. Currently, there are over 18,000 retail outlets. A player will utilize these outlets to pay cash, and just like an ATM machine in reverse, add dollars to their MasterCard rePower card. Moreover, not only can the card be used for online casino deposits, but for offline purchases as well.