What is Ukash?

Ukash is a new alternative payment method for European customers. It works in the really simple way. Just get to one of the kiosks or local shops and ask for Ukash. Cash in – Ukash out, that’s it. You buy Ukash coupon just like you buy a newspaper. Spending Ukash is really like spending cash – safe, quick, easy and anonymous.

Ukash casino

Online casinos quickly realized the potential of Ukash. More and more casinos and poker rooms add Ukash to the available deposit methods. But are they really good? We have tested the biggest of them trying to identify the best Ukash casino, based on the reputation, games, service, and highest payouts and of course having Ukash payment method.We are

Ukash is also available at:

Where Ukash is available?

Here is the complete list of countries where Ukash is available:
United Kingdom France Espana Deutschland Sverige Luxembourg Sweden France
Ireland Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Austria Poland Italy Greece

Where can I get Ukash coupon?

Ukash is distributed through 3 major networks:
  • paypoint
  • payzone
  • e-pay
Terminals of those networks sell Ukash coupons. If they are new and not sure how to act, you may help them, printing out Ukash coupon with detailed instructions on how to sell Ukash, specific to the network.

Ukash signup bonus

Paying by Ukash gives you even more benefits – our casino has Ukash sign up bonus – 100% match up to 160 Euro. Just think of it – you buy 160 Euro Ukash coupons and get another 160 right to your casino account.

Ukash games

Players paying by Ukash traditionally prefer fruit machines. There is a good choice of those as well as many other games, like blackjack, keno, video slots and baccarat.

Ukash benefits

  • don’t need a card or financial details
  • can be any age
  • no waiting for approval
  • avoid fraud or identity theft
  • have no statements, charges or fees
  • no registration
  • are in control of your spending

Useful information: Ukash Customer Support : 0808 2346244

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