Making Deposits in a Bitcoin Casino

As you may have noticed, Bitcoin has become the #1 funding method for most of the top online casinos for US players. But one of the great aspects of using Bitcoin for those who haven't tried is that these casinos don't leave you high and dry. They, in fact, provide players with a full explanation of how to make deposits at their casinos. Many of the online casino who accept Bitcoin offer different methods on how to make your deposits. For those of you who are new to online casino play in general, and Bitcoins in particular, here is an example of how you can make deposits in a Bitcoin Casino. Note that this is one method you can use.

  • 1. First you have to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. Many of the casinos accepting Bitcoins will guide you to through the steps required on how to obtain the wallets they utilize.
  • 2. Casinos will also give you instructions on how to buy the Bitcoins to put into your wallet. There are a myriad of ways you can purchase them through the online casino you are joining.
  • 3. Once you have obtained the wallet and Bitcoins, you can then join the online casino(s) that accept Bitcoins. There is no fee attached to funding your account. This is the safest and most secure method of depositing Bitcoins into your account, Moreover, it is an anonymous transaction. Simply use the wallet address will allow you to transfer the Bitcoins into your account, and you can now begin to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience at your favorite online casino.
  • 4. It should be noted that all online casinos that accept Bitcoins provide a wide range of instructions. They are easy to read and allow you to make the process of using Bitcoins a favorable one. In addition, using Bitcoin transactions are faster than most payment methods.
  • 5. We have also reviewed Bitcoin Casinos, that is, casinos that only accept Bitcoins. These can be found on our site and allow you to receive bonuses and promotions based on the Bitcoin brand.