Green Dot Depositing to Online Casinos

Green Dot offers online players the opportunity to fund their casino accounts using the Green Dot Card, MoneyPak card, WalMart Green Dot Card, and the Green Dot MasterCard Debit Card. In all cases, the Green Dot card is easy to purchase online or at any participating retail store. Once you have the card, you can use the online website to load the prepaid card through a variety of methods including: direct deposit, MoneyPak, bank, or credit union.

Green Dot depositing to online casinos has never been easier once you have your Green Dot card. As a prepaid card, many of our recommended online casinos accept prepaid cards takes the hassle out of determining how to fund your casino account. With credit cards becoming more of a problem than a solution, using the Greed Dot card has become the most popular alternative for US players, as well as players who prefer not to use credit cards to fund accounts.

Green Dot Casinos

Any of our listed casinos are Green Dot casinos in that they accept US players with Green Dot premier cards, which are prepaid cards of the first order. The casino MoneyPak prepaid card is a perfect example. You can load the card and use it to fund your casino account and you can even use it to add money to your PayPal account without having to provide a bank account number. More importantly, however, you can make same day payments to online casinos instantly. Knowing that just one online casino accepts US players with Green Dot premier cards makes the gaming experience online more enjoyable.

Green Dot Card Information

The Green Dot can be purchased online or at Wal-Mart and other retail stores such as CVS, Walgreen, and Kmart. The maximum amount on a WalMart Green Dot Card is $2500. You can reload a Green Dot Visa at Western Union Ace Cash Express, and Green Dot online. Regardless of whether you have a Green Dot MasterCard debit card or Green Dot Visa card, once you purchase the card - the rest is easy.

Simon Gift Card vs. Green Dot

There is one significant difference between a Simon Gift Card and the Green Dot Prepaid Card and that is the maximum amount you can load to each card. While the Simon Gift Card has a $500 maximum amount, Green Dot affords you the maximum of $2500. In addition, while you can purchase a Simon Gift Card at a mall or online, Green Dot is more readily available at participating retail stores such as WalMart, Walgreen, Kmart, CVS, Rite Aid, and Smith's as well as online.

Use the Green Dot Card for Online Gambling

Sunshine Slots highly recommends that if you are going to use a prepaid card to fund your online casino account, that you use the Green Dot Card or any of the Green Dot cards we have highlighted. The Green Dot card is easy to obtain, reload, and fund any online casino account that accepts prepaid cards.