Neovia - Making Online Purchases Easier

Global e-Wallet giant NETELLER has gone through major growth spurts lately, all of which are sure to excite the online, merchant community. First and foremost, the company has officially changed their company name and stock ticket symbol to NEOVIA and NEO, respectively. This large scale name change was clearly a lead up to the significant upgrade to payments service that now expands merchants' access to international markets (with the exception of the US). These upgrades essentially integrate the company's product lines into a single service package making their already user friendly and functional products and services more efficient, streamlined and easy to use. There are five main changes, aside the official name change, making NEOVIA the e-wallet of choice for so many merchants and individuals.

Flexible Web Payment Channel

What does that mean? It means that the upgraded, unified package replaces their old stand alone service, NETBANX 4 Web checkout channel with the new Unified-PayPage™. This new secure hosted checkout page service delivers significantly more flexibility for merchants in terms of general user-experience, branding, payment workflow, language selection and payment options. These elements can be customized "on the fly" to provide specific payment experiences for each customer transaction in real-time. Single Integration for Online Payments With the upgrade of the overall package, merchants can now access all Web payment types through a single integration, including all card and non-card payments, NETELLER e-wallet, POLi™ service and all local payment types. Up until now, a separate integration was required for each payment type. This revised, quick and simple integration process means that merchants can now turn on payments on their websites more rapidly.

More Ways for Merchants to Make Revenue

NEOVIA now allows merchants to accept payment on a much greater variety of payment methods, including the NETELLER e-wallet, Paperless Direct Debit, POLi™ system, Carte Bleue, Carta Si, DIRECTebanking/DirectPay24, and Ukash. Furthermore, all existing payment types are also supported, including VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Diners Club Card, iDeal, Giropay and ELV. A fantastic service upgrade offered is that now merchants can automatically open NETELLER e-wallets for customers who buy at their websites. Payments via the NETELLER e-wallet provide better security, privacy and convenience than credit and debit cards and offers merchants 100% indemnified payments, as well as offering merchants the most convenient and cost effective way to make consumer payouts.

Expanded Global Marketplace

NEOVIA now offers a greater variety of and easier conversion between global currencies as well as providing their already efficient service in additional languages. For the NETELLER e-wallet a wide range of new currencies have been added including AUD (Australia), BGN (Bulgaria), DKK (Denmark), EEK (Estonia), INR (India), LTL (Lithuania), LVL (Latvia), NOK (Norway), MXN (Mexico), HUF (Hungary), PLN (Poland), RON (Romania), JPY (Japan). Combined with the existing e-wallet currencies of USD, GBP, EUR, SEK, RMB and CAD, merchants can now easily accept payments from almost anywhere in the world in virtually any currency. One notable exception is of course USA. NEOVIA does not accept customers from the United States.

Out of the Box PCI-DSS Compliance

Every year merchants are required to do more to satisfy various payment method requirements and regulations. Enhanced technology in their customized billing gateway means that merchants never see or store customers' card data, even for repeat billing. This, coupled with NEOVIA's recent PCI DSS certification renewal at the most stringent level 1 classification, means merchants get peace of mind and security out of the box.

Making Online Purchases Easier at Both Ends

At the end of the day, buyers, gamers, customers, clients, bidders, your average Joe just wants to get his product at the best price with the least amount of hassle and the online marketplace just want to oblige. NETELLER has always been one of the best, most preferred methods online to accomplish. The best has just gotten better. As NETELLER is now just one shining feature in the suite of services that the new and improved NEOVIA has to offer. Will this one day be offered to American buyers and merchants? Only time will tell. In the meantime, the rest of the world is not bad.