Neteller Planning US Re-entry

Neteller was simply the easiest payment method to use for any US online poker player. It was so simple to transfer funds in and out of rooms in fact never had banking been so good for the US player. Players funds were transferred to and from Neteller and then to and from the players bank account. Transfers were instant and players enjoyed using many a reload bonus with the swift nature of moving money. It was an option at every poker room and players could even transfer money for free among themselves. As most of you will know, they had a little bit of a fall out with the Department of Justice and had no option but to pull out of that particular market. Unlike many poker rooms that continued to operate in the US, Neteller were given special treatment by the DoJ, the founders were arrested and players funds were frozen. The players did get their money back of course but there was no more Neteller. Now however, things are changing in the US and with the spate of states finally legalized some forms of online gambling, could Neteller make a comeback in the states?

The Comeback

Neteller is indeed planning the comeback and parent company Optimal Payments is planning right now for their return. They have of course stayed alive due to having a worldwide customer base, however the US was their biggest business area, and could be again. CEO Joel Leonoff believes that the history between Neteller and the DoJ is water under the bridge and says that, “There are different levels of compliance required for suppliers versus merchants [operators]. Merchants have a much more onerous regulatory requirement to adhere to.” Neteller and Caesar's are already in partnership and as Caesar's Interactive Entertainment are entering the online US market in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware then there are opportunities for Neteller already on the cards. Leonoff is thinking Nevada first and has bigger plans for 2024 saying, “We think 10 states will offer entry to gaming,” and his fingers are crossed that California is next.