Best Ripple Casinos

At a time when cryotpcurrency is at its highest, there are many so-called Ripple XRP Casinos that have capitalized on the Bitcoin phenomenon. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it is due to the fast withdrawals that the Ripple Casinos provide. According to these Ripple Casinos, many players are tired of the slow return of wins, and therefore the Ripple Casinos have stated they their withdrawals can be accomplished in a few hours but, in most cases, within minutes. This is something that US players would definitely appreciate. Due to the fluctuation of digital currencies in the market, time is of the essence when withdrawing funds from an online casino. This is where Ripple Casinos shine.

Slot Games and Bonuses at Ripple Casinos

Ripple Online Casinos tout the fact that they have the most popular casino games in their portfolios. From slots to progressive jackpots to 3D slots, they have them all. Their unique games even cater to Live Dealer action, which is another fast growing commodity at online casinos. But even more importantly are the bonuses. Regardless of whether you play slots, sports, or poker games; Ripple casinos provide new players with a 100% bonus on the first deposit; 50% bonus on the second deposit; and 25% bonus on the third deposit. They also offer a 100% poker bonus as well. To this end, we are listing below the best Ripple Casinos online. We invite you to peruse the list and visit these casinos with ripple gambling to determine which one is the best for you.

Top 10 Crypto Casinos with XRP Ripple Gambling

The New Ripple Blockchain

We have written extensively about cryptocurrencies, i.e., Bitcoin and others. But there is a new payment method that has been touted as the "blockchain solution for global payments." It is called Ripple. Known for its speed and reliability, Ripple is said to payout within 4 seconds as opposed to 4 minutes with other cryptocurrencies. This may be true or not as we have yet to see the process at work. Moreover, one of the Ripple sites boasts a headline that reads "List of Top 10 Ripple Casino Sites for 2024." Unfortunately, there is only one site shown - Bitcasino. This really doesn't bode well for this site. But I must say that other sites relay their information with more truth than fiction.

How Does Ripple Make the Blockchain Better?

Actually, the powers that be claim that Ripple "is designed and developed with sophisticated and state of the art technology. It offers security and scalability while managing several networks. With Ripple, one can access payments at a faster rate at a little cost." Little Cost? You do know that Bitcoin is free, i.e., there is no cost to use it to fund your casino accounts.

Is Time the Only Ruling Factor for Using Ripple?

According to sources, "XRP settles incredibly faster as compared to other cryptocurrencies. It takes 4 seconds to process while ETH takes 4 minutes and BTC takes 60 minutes. Traditional systems are at their worst taking five days to settle. At the same time, XRP is scalable which means it can easily handle 1500 transaction in a given second. It is scalable for handling similar amount that Visa uses. BTC handles 3-6 transactions per second while ETH handles 15 in one second." And the point is? "XRP comes with open source technology which means that it is well distributable across the globe. There is an ever-growing list of validations that, in turn, are improving the system. XRP has been in business for more than five years.

What is Gatehub?

Gatehub is the Ripple wallet where anyone can store their XRP funds. Another e-wallet is called The Ledger and is safer and more secure.

What is RippleNet?

RippleNet is the network behind Ripple. According to sources there are more than 100 customer and 75 commercial deployments that process and offer payments through RippleNet.

The Ripple Effect

Like the ripples in a stream, once you throw in a stone the river is forever changed. So too, Ripple is brand new and frankly with only one online casino accepting Ripple, it seems to this writer that it will take some time before Ripple becomes part of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world. Another source tells us that Ripple is currently selling at 65 cents, and that it may take years before it reaches the heights of Bitcoin, one of the best payment methods on the planet.

Why Use Ripple (XRP) instead of Bitcoin (BTC)?

While I understand the question, in my opinion I would nonetheless use Bitcoin instead of Ripple. Ripple's key difference to Bitcoin is that the blockchain is run as a "consortium." What is a consortium chain? In a consortium chain, trusted nodes are selected to validate the network. As opposed to a public chain (Bitcoin) any node can choose to join and validate the cryptocurrency's blockchain. By operating as a consortium, less time needs to be spent on protecting users from malicious activity. Ripple's main advantage as a cryptocurrency for gambling is by far its transaction speeds. It can process payments in 4 seconds, whereas Bitcoin would take 1+ hour (although this has not been authenticated). The Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) has, for the most part, been associated with bank to bank transactions. Apparently, the XRP application as a gambling currency has not been given its due according to Ripple. Perhaps I am biased when it comes to Bitcoin, but the theory behind using Ripple is time - 4 seconds - time. While I understand the premise, does it really matter that one cryptocurrency can process a payment in 4 seconds as opposed to Instant (according to Ripple - Bitcoin's instant process is 1+ hours.) So? What does that have to do with the slice of bread? I know that Bitcoin has been the top payment method for all online casinos that include it. For players from the US, this is a big deal and rightly so. It's nice to have choices in the world of cryptocurrencies; but Bitcoin continues to enjoy its status as the top payment method in the world.

3 New Ripple Casinos Worth Trying

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