Rapid Transfer - The New Boy in Town

Rapid Transfer is a new depositing and withdrawal method available to US players. The fact that Rapid Transfer appeared in 2008 does not mean it's revolutionary different from others, but it actually works for Americans and this is what we all care about. The depositing process is not easy as using your credit card of course - Rapid Transfer requires some paper work first. But from other hand any new financial instrument requires this and if I'm not completely wrong you've got couple of papers to sign before you've got your VISA.

To set up Rapid Transfer as your payment method, please download the Rapid Transfer casino and apply to the casino support team for assistance.

Rapid Transfer Deposits and Withdrawals

If you have an experience depositing money to a casino with MoneyGram you find the depositing process very similar. Withdrawal is the tricky part. There are some restrictions and precautionary measures that apply, like one payout per week. It also doesn't mention that the payout was initiated by a gambling company and it usually takes up to 48 hours to post the sender information for pick up to a client's account once a payout has been processed. Have a question? Call 1-888-263-0000 for more information about Rapid Transfer.

Best Rapid Transfer Casinos

So far there are two Rapid Transfer Casinos:

Rapid Transfer has been implemented on these casinos as preferable banking method and we had no dilemma to choose editor's choice.