Bookmaker Players Adopt Bitcoin at Overwhelming Rate

The superb US friendly Bookmaker sportsbook, online casino and poker room has been a mainstay of the online gaming industry for many years and is home to thousands of players who like to mix up their casino, poker and sports betting action, and it was one of the first places to play that rolled out the Bitcoin banking option, and that early adoption seems to have paid off nicely.

It's now that case that a massive 90% of US Bookmaker players use Bitcoin to either make their deposits or cashout their winnings, providing a startling contrast to just a short while ago when the majority of deposits were made by major credit card and withdrawals requested by what now seem like old fashioned bank wires and cashiers cheques. There's no doubt that Bitcoin and blockchain technology is about to change many industries, and the online gaming industry in most definitely one of them.

If you're new to Bitcoin and have yet to use it then there's a real handy guide on the Bookmaker site, and they are indeed pushing this new option as not only does it benefit you that player but it's also so much easier for them to accept your deposit, and to process your withdrawal, due to the simple fact that no middlemen, banks or third parties are involved, and anyone who has tried and failed to use their Visa or MasterCard in an online casino or sportsbook and had that transaction declined can tell you just how frustrating it is.

There is none of that frustration when making your Bookmaker deposits with Bitcoin and they're also opening up to other cryptocurrencies too, such as Ethereum and Litecoin, however sticking with Bitcoin, the first thing you'll need is a Bitcoin wallet and Bookmaker make a few suggestions for you. That wallet takes literally seconds to open and buying Bitcoin is a simple process that's done within the wallet. You'll see that depositing is a simple, straightforward process and when requesting your Bookmaker winnings, your BTC gets back to that wallet extremely quickly, so much faster than older methods. Bitcoin will continue to shake things up and more players are switching every single day, making it the number 1 US casino and sports betting banking option.