Bitcoin Casino Instant Withdrawals

Since the emergence of Bitcoin, we have seen more and more online casinos adopt this unique form of funding. What makes Bitcoin so useful to US players is that you can receive your withdrawals in less than 30 minutes. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin is akin to virtual currency. It is easy to apply, is completely anonymous, and is safe and secure. For your information, we are listing below all the online casinos that offer Bitcoin instant withdrawals.

Bitcoin Play

With all the hoopla about Bitcoin and its sister cryptocurrencies, and as much as we have written about these funding methods, there are still a number of factors that have not been touched upon. To provide our players with as much information as we can gather (and have experienced), we would like to offer additional info that may be of use to our US players.

Fact or Fiction: How Bitcoin Operates

Fact: When you join an online casino that accepts Bitcoins, it is a well-known fact that a player can sign up anonymously. Fact: Bitcoin is a safe and secure method. Fact: Many online casinos not only offer Bitcoins, but other cryptocurrencies. Fact: There are new online casinos that accept Bitcoins only. Fact: Using Bitcoins can garner you generous bonuses when you make deposits. Fiction: All game brands are given. Fiction: Play games on all devices. Fiction: All customer service reps are reliable. Fiction: All online casinos are licensed. Fiction: All casinos are Provably Fair.

We use these fact and fiction statements to show that not all online casino operate in the same way. Many of the casinos that are owned by one company are quite comprehensive in nature, that is to say, they are licensed, have all the games listed, show all the welcome bonuses and promotions; provide information and tutorials on Bitcoins, and have very good customer support. Then there are those top of the line casinos that have been around for quite some time and there is no question as to their authenticity, quality, and reliability. Moreover, they accept Bitcoins and are beginning to add additional cryptocurrencies to their payment and withdrawal methods.

Bitcoin Payment Methods

As mentioned earlier, our top US casinos are now offering Bitcoins because it is the best known payment method in the world. It coincides with Provably Fair Gambling, which you are beginning to see on many of our top sites. Provably Fair is a particular protocol that ensures the fairness casino gaming. Thus, there are a myriad of cryptocurrency sites that have integrated this function in their games, verifying that the random results of these games meet the protocol s designed. However, even though online casinos use this function, it doesn’t mean that the casino itself pays out what is due. Finding the best Bitcoin casinos can be a daunting task on your own, however, at Sunshine-Slots we have done all the work for you. We have reviewed just about every online casino for US and global players that offer Bitcoins. Our unbiased reviews will tell you which Bitcoin casinos are the best, and those that are not. In addition, we have outlined how to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins to make it easy for our players to join their preferred Bitcoin casinos.

The Legality of Bitcoins

As you are well aware, at some point the UIGEA Law went into effect some time ago and was subsequently overturned due to the ambiguity of the law itself. This opened the doors for US players to utilize Bitcoins to fund their online casino accounts. Without Bitcoins, however, it would still be difficult to find online casinos in the US. Because Bitcoins are not considered an exchange of money, it is therefore legal to use. Further, the courts recently found that sportsbook gambling is now legal. In this case, Bitcoins can also be used to fund sportsbook sites.

Bitcoin Casino Reviews

In any effort to provide you with additional information on three of the top Bitcoin casinos, we would like to offer some facts about them. These casinos include BitStarz Casino , Bovada Casino , and Superior Casino .

BitStarz Casino

When you join BitStarz, you will be surprised to learn that they offer no deposit bonus. Perhaps surprised is not the correct word since many online casinos do not offer this type of bonus. However, BitStarz does give 20 free spins instead. To use your Bitcoins to fund this casino, you will have to provide a valid email address. BitStarz also offers very special features as well. These include: instant deposit and withdrawals, a fabulous website, and a very good welcome bonus.

Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is a conundrum. If you are based in New York, for example, you cannot enter this site. But if you live anywhere where online gambling is legal, you can join this well-known US Casino. It is one of the safest gambling sites online, and offers fantastic games, bonuses, and more. The only exception is that it does not offer the Provably Fair Games. But it is the only Bitcoin exclusive to the US.

Superior Casino

Superior Casino has been around for quite some time. They are powered by Rival and were the first online casino to do so. It has a great welcome bonus, and is most secure in its banking practices and customer service. In fact, it has six welcome bonuses, Live Casino games, and it available to mobile users. They accept Bitcoins. Superior Casino will let you enter the desired amount you wish to deposit and then present you with a BTC address that you have to copy into your E-Wallet. It’s as simple as that.

Bitcoins in a Nutshell

As you could imagine, since Bitcoin came onto the scene it became a household word almost instantly. Regardless of whether Bitcoin fluctuates in the worldwide market, the facts are that Bitcoin is here to stay and is a “safe haven” for US players who do not want to jump through hoops to join an online casino. Furthermore, it is a safe bet to use Bitcoins to fund your casino accounts, no matter how many articles are written about the pros and cons of using this cryptocurrency.

The Future of Online Casinos

The future of online casinos for US players is looking brighter every day with more and more online casinos launching games for all devices. Bitcoin funding is the best way to go when joining an online casino. Instead of trying to find the best, we have reviewed the best and you can see for yourself that our top 10 US casinos utilize Bitcoins. Moreover, we estimate that other cryptocurrencies will become part of the larger picture. Even now, Bitcoin only casinos are offering BitCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more. Analysts can take any view they like about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but we have the experience and knowledge that has proven to us that Bitcoin is the most preferred payment method in the world.