As we close out December 2017, we have seen a myriad of changes in the payment methods at most of our top online casino for US players, as well as players abroad. This is due to the evolution of Bitcoin, the most popular payment method for casino players today. There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of articles written about Bitcoin, and all of them come to one conclusion: Bitcon is the number one method for funding any online casino account providing they accept it. But, as you know, more online casinos are adding Bitcoin to their payment/withdrawal portfolios, which is great news for US players. US players were having a tough time fund their accounts due to the ambiguity of the UIGEA of 2006 which had a domino effect which subsequently caused the exodus of many payment methods that players relied on. Then came Bitcoin; an internet explosion of a form of payment that was not only acceptable, but guaranteed online casino players a safe, secure, and anonymous method to fund their accounts.

The Bitcoin Wallet

When you use the Bitcoin Wallet, you are making your funding process an easier one. Casino accounts can be funded through computers and mobile devices. Funds are instantly sent with no delays or limits. All transactions are secure and are protected against hackers and/or identity theft.

Buying Bitcoins

US players can purchase Bitcoins by exchanging currency for Bitcoins. This is the basis for crypto currency. US friendly e-Wallets are the best form of funding your casino accounts, and the Bitcoin purchases allow players to open an e-Wallet in order to transfer balances. A Bitcoin wallet, therefore, is the crypto currency that can be used to fund online casino accounts directly. Withdrawals are handled in the same manner. These withdrawals are sent to the e-wallet and transferred back to the Bitcoin account you have in place.

What Can We Expect in 2018?

We expect that 2018 will be a game changer for Bitcoin casinos. While there are many crypto currencies that are trying to climb the ladder of success, no one can come close to the popularity of Bitcoin. Thus we predict that 2018 will have all of the online casinos accepting Bitcoin as a payment and withdrawal method. Every day, more and more online casinos are adding this method to their deposit and withdrawal options. So it is that Bitcoin is the number one method for players from the US. Unless and until the legalization of online gambling becomes a nationwide event, Bitcoin is now the optimal course of action for online players. We say this because despite any new laws that are passed, credit card companies will stand their ground and now allow payments for gambling to become a reality. Bitcoin is here to stay.

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