BitStarz New Payment Methods for US Players

US Players will be more than delighted to learn that BitStarz is now accepting Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as two funding options. This is a big deal for BitStarz, as it is the first online casino to accept both altcoins. Moreover, it may well spill over into other online casinos that are accepting Bitcoin only as a payment method.

About Litecoin

This crypto currency was released in 2011 and is based on the Bitcoin platform. It has been stated that Litecoin "will take the online casino play by storm." It is the perfect accompaniment to Bitcoin, the number one crypto currency in the world.

About Bitcoin

There are no new words to describe the number one crypto currency in the world. As you know most of our top online casinos are using Bitcoin as a payment method. One that is safe, secure, and anonymous. This, too, has been a boon for US players who had no real choices to fund their casino accounts.

The combination of these two altcoins has not only enhanced BitStarz as an online casino, but will allow for additional providers to hop on board and become part of the crypto currency craze.

Players can now truly enjoy game play, and won't have to worry about deposits that don't go through via other payment methods. This is perhaps one of the most exciting events that have taken place since Bitcoin became a sensation. Now both Litecoin and Bitcoin will "blaze the trail for BitStarz," and will likely induce other online casinos to follow suit.

We congratulate BitStarz for taking the lead and providing its players with choices they would not normally have.