Bodog Brands has Removed Skrill as Payment Processor Option

Bodog has removed Skrill /Moneybookers off their books, as a payment processor in their banking options. This move affects the Bodog88 and brands.

This is an unusual move, as many of the players who use the site are based in Canada, and Neteller is not available to Canadians. This has effectively removed the only e-wallet option for Canadian players. Players are still able to deposit using their debit cards, credit cards, electronic checks, from Canadian banks. There is still the Electronic Transfer option for withdrawals for Canadians.

The move may not have come from Skrill itself but from management of the brand. Bodog88 and have different owners, however, the policy has been rolled out on both of the brands. Skrill fees are known to be much higher than any of the competing brands for merchants and players.

Bodog’s poker rooms online, as well as some of the other options, that are available, are operated using USD which might be a larger issue.

Skrill/Monebookers charges merchant a small service charge plus a 2.9% fee. If there is a currency exchange then the fee is doubled during a transaction. A lot of the players who play on Bodog88 and will have to have their deposits converted into USD, which will cause a problem on the processing fees of Bodog.

Players on Bodog are concerned, because of delays in Skrill cashouts, that there has been no official announcement or notification with regard to this, players are very concerned about the banking systems of Bodog.

It would appear that no other options for cashouts are affected by this. However, dropping such a large e-wallat without any notification, has players speculating, what the real reason behind this move. Some skrill/Bodog players are now left with only a check option for their withdrawals.

Bovada Casino has not been affected by the move as their brand doesn’t accept players that are outside the USA. Skrill does process some of the non-gaming US payments, but strictly forbids online gaming operators in the USA from using their services.