All Slots Casino Proves Trustworthy

All Slots online casino has an established reputation for excellence. They have received numerous awards for this since they opened in 2000. A recent scandal involving All Slots and a unhappy player when things didn’t go as planned for him he discredited the casino in the public forums. His allegations included that All Slots does not pay their winners and that the casino should be avoided. In fact, this player did not read the casinos policies for receiving payments.

The player also said that he did what he was supposed to do and sent the right documents but he still was not paid. This was not the case; it was not the fault of the casino. Over the years All Slots has a proven track record among industry peers as being one of the best online casinos; receiving numerous awards from the online gambling community and are very well respected.

All Slot Casino has never had a problem with payouts when policies are followed. There is a sufficient amount of information requested to process a payment but this is intended for the safety of the players. It is common for a customer to be asked for identification and some type of verification in the form of a bill or bank statement. Of course, this is all listed in the policy.

The issue was resolved and the casino still backs up that they ask for identification verification to prevent fraud. Although it can be cumbersome, it is in the player’s best interest. The unhappy player recanted his statements after he received payment.

All Slot Casino reiterates that it is very important to read and understand the terms and conditions, and to comprehend the stated grace period. This information is clearly listed under the Banking section of the lobby stating the 48 hour waiting period. In the end, the player received his winnings within a week after winning on a weekend.