Declined Credit Card Problems in US Casinos

Declined credit card problems in US online casinos are an issue for many people who want to enjoy real money slots and casino games, but find that their card will simply not be authorized. When this happens there is no need for alarm bells, as there is absolutely nothing wrong with your card, the problem will more than likely be with your card issuer. Due to US legislation many American banks will not process credit card transactions to online casinos, however this is not the case for all credit card holders, as many find that their card whizzes through without a problem and funds their casino account instantly, however some potential players may receive a declined message. It’s important to note here that it is in no way illegal for you to be playing in an online casino, these restrictions that are in place are on banks...and not on you!

Don’t Panic and Contact Customer Support

Should you get a declined message then your first port of call should be the customer support team at the online casino, and the fastest way to reach them will be via the live chat option, of which all quality US online casinos should offer. It may be a simple case of you’ve made a small mistake while inputting your card details and the casino support staff may be able to manually process your deposit, but it may be a case of your card issuer not accepting the transaction. Declined credit card problems are one thing that the customer support team will be well aware of and although they will not have every answer for you, they will be able to help, and therefore it’s paramount you contact them first.

There will be only one of two outcomes from your chat with the support agent, either they will ask you to call in on the toll free number so that they can verify the card and assist you in making the transaction, or the card cannot be processed and they will suggest alternative depositing options.

Alternative Depositing Methods

If you’re a little unlucky and there is no way the card will enable you to fund your account then there are many options available to you. It’s understandable that you wish to use your card as it is an extremely fast, safe and secure way to deposit, however sometimes that’s just not possible, and as an alternative many real money casino games players are turning to prepaid Visa cards. Prepaid Visa cards act like a credit card in the casino cashier, however as they are essentially a debit card, there is no problem with making the deposit as long as the card is OK for international purchases...which almost all are, however it’s always worth checking.

Prepaid Visa cards are available at literally thousands of locations across the US, in many gas stations, convenience stores and Walmarts, and there are many types. You purchase the card and load it with real cash at the cashier, and voila, you have a perfectly usable card that can be used anywhere you see the Visa sign, in fact many people in the US are now using these cards for everyday purchases instead of carrying cash. There are other options available to you such as Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Wire, and now with internet banking it means that these transactions can be easily and quickly made from home. Each online casino will have similar options that will enable to make a deposit, however we must stress that if your credit card declines, it’s not your card that’s the issue and that you should go straight to customer support who will provide you with alternatives.