Why the UIGEA Law Won’t Work!

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It isn't even June 1 yet and already the UIGEA Law is being utilized to thwart non-gambling sites! According to reports, the South Florida Blues Society had its online transactions blocked by PayPal. South Florida Blues Society is a music-based online site that raises money through raffle tickets sold on its website. Members who join this society purchase merchandise, music, and other items that has absolutely nothing to do with gambling. Yet, they were targeted as a result of the UIGEA, which no one clearly understands. Ironically, Congressman Barney Frank was prophetic in stating that if the law did go into effect on June 1, there would be so much mayhem and confusion that it would move the repeal process forward. This is exactly the case as Visa and MasterCard are now banning credit card transactions for what they "think" are internet gambling related payments. Let the games begin!