The Senate Votes Aye

In what seemed like one of the longest debates on record, and with continued objections by the Republicans, the Senate passed the Tax Cuts Bill at 1:15 PM, December 15,. While most Senators spoke passionately for a bill they found unfair yet necessary; those opposed to it reaffirmed their commitment to their principles. Thus, as one Senator put it: "the ransom was paid and the hostages were rescued." And so the Tax Cuts Bill goes to the House. It is there that the bill will be passed, or will it re-emerge as a new bill; one that is somewhat palpable to everyone. Recent statements from the House members reveal they may not accept this bill "as is." Once again, we will have to wait out this continuing drama and see it to its final conclusion.

News Flash on the Omibus Bill

Senator Mitch McConnell, minority leader, has just announced that the Senate should reject the Omibus Bill. This is the bill that would fund the Federal Government. More importantly, this bill may also have the poker legislation within it. The Senator wants to vote on this bill next year when the Republicans have the majority. What this means is that the poker legislation may not become part of the bill as the Republicans are opposed to any form of online gambling. Therefore, if the poker legislation is not in the Tax Cuts bill bus has been added to the Omibus Bill, another fight is in the offing.