Yacht Club Slots

What do you think about when you think of a yacht club? Perhaps relaxing outside with a long drink or watching as the yachts lazily sail by. You might guess at some of the icons appearing on the reels of this game, but can you guess what else might be in store for you if you give it a try?

We’ve got the answers because we’ve played Yacht Club slots already. Come aboard and see what you can find out.

Reels and win lines

With five reels centered in the screen, you will see five lines to match them. That makes the Yacht Club slot very affordable to play.

Coin values you could use

Your possible line bets begin at just one cent each. Five dollars per line is as high as you can go. If you choose to wager one cent, you can cover all the lines at five cents a time. Bargain!

Yacht Club symbols to watch out for

The golden flag is easy to see whenever it comes into view. Ideally, you will want to find five of those on a paid line. If you manage that, get ready to receive a huge 20,000 coins. The captain’s hat is the next best paying symbol, at 10,000 coins for a five-icon win on a paid line.

The ship’s wheel is good to find as well, because this is the substitute icon. They’ve also found room to fit in a scattered clam shell with a pearl inside. This is a gem if you find two or more, as it will bring you a scatter prize.

Bonuses to find

There is a bonus here, triggered whenever you find two wilds on a payline. This will begin the feature game. There is no hint on what this might involve though, so you must hope you are fortunate enough to hit it.

Download and play the Yacht Club slot today

This is a relaxing slot to play thanks to the charming background with the waves lapping gently. You might just see a hint of a yacht there too. With only five paylines in action, Yacht Club is a very affordable slot to play. As a penny slot with much more to offer, we’d recommend you try it out if you can. There are some very nice nautical-themed icons to look for too.