Safari Capers Slots

Have you ever been on safari? If not, you’ve got an opportunity to try one here, without even leaving your computer. Safari Capers is the title given to a great slot game designed to be accessible to those with small budgets. There are other options too regarding betting, and we’ll come to those in a moment.

Firstly, we should prepare you for sightings of some of the major animals you might see on safari. How many will you spot as you spin the reels of this game?

Reels and win lines

This is a five-reel game presenting us with only five lines. See what we meant about being affordable to play?

Coin values you could use

Even though there are only five lines here, the smallest bet is still only a cent on each line. The largest coin value is limited to $5.

Safari Capers symbols to watch out for

No good safari tour would be complete without a tour guide. This game offers you one of those as the wild symbol. There are just two symbols the guide won’t stand in for. The first is his vehicle, acting here as the scatter symbol. The second is the mighty lion, used as the jackpot icon in Safari Capers. Five lions would bring 2,000 coins your way if they all landed on the same paid line.

Bonuses to find

There is just one bonus in Safari Capers slots, and that is the bonus feature triggered whenever you land two wilds on the same payline. If you manage to do that, you can see what happens next. Will you be taken on an adventure on safari? Grab your hat and you might get the chance to find out!

Download and play the Safari Capers slot today

The animal theme is nicely presented in this game. With rhinos, crocodiles, giraffes, and other animals appearing too, the game is designed with a light cartoon feel to it. We like that – some games take the more dramatic and lifelike route, but this does the opposite.

If you fancy a good caper today, you can’t do better than to go on this one. Watch for the guide and his vehicle, and let’s hope those lions turn up in numbers. This is one situation where you wouldn’t mind if they did! They could net you some nice prize money, after all.