It’s All in the Cards Playing Royal Win Slots

In one of the most unusual theme-based slots I've played, this one is about cards. But not just any cards. Because we are in the "royal court" so to speak, the diamonds, hearts, and club cards are jeweled. But in addition, we have four special characters as well: the Queen of Hearts, the Jack of Spades, the King of Diamonds, and a Court Jester. Now that's card play! Much as I have always said I dislike cards in a slot game, this slot is one of the most creatively designed and innovative slot that allows cards to be used in an extraordinary way.

Game Facts

Royal Win Slots is a 4-reel, 12-payline video bonus slot. There is no jackpot as the symbols have their own unique multipliers. The coin size ranges from two cents to $200. So that what you decide to bet given the denominations, is the bet that is made. Please read the pay table as it contains all the symbols and their multipliers, as well as the special bonus feature. The spin button is located on the middle reel, 4th line. It can also serve as a stop button as well.

Card Play

The symbols in Royal Win Slots are exquisite. They include jeweled diamonds, hearts, and clubs (as I described earlier). They also include the characters made up of actual card figures (also as I described in the opening paragraph). The Court Jester is the key to winning 500xs your bet if it appears on all 12 reels.

The Winning Meter Triggers the Free Spins Round

There is also a winning meter in this game, located to the left of the slot machine. For every consecutive non-winning spin, the meter will advance by 1. Once the meter is full, 5 consecutive non-winning spins free spins will be triggered. If you get a win on the first spin, however, the round is over.

Play Royal Win Slots

As I stated earlier, I am not particularly fond of cards, but in this case I was pleasantly delighted due to the nature of the slot game and its lucrative value. Play Royal Win Slots at our recommended casinos.