Casino Bonuses - You are Looking for Them

The bonus, as far as online websites go, is something that is very important to the running of any online gaming website. Whether you are talking about poker websites, casino websites or anything in between, the fact of the matter is that the casino bonuses that people are interested in ultimately become a big part of why they choose to be a part of the website in the first place. It is important to realize this, not only as a customer but also as the maintainer of a specific website because bonuses should definitely be a big part of the marketing campaign of every single casino website. Some of the major bonus categories are covered below.

Signup Deposit Bonus

The signup bonus is the most common kind of bonus available on the market today. In addition to that, it is also the best all around bonus that you are likely to get from a specific casino website as well as the oldest bonus type in existence in terms of conceptualization and then popularization in the marketplace. There are a number of different signup bonuses available, but the format of a bonus is usually x% up to a maximum of $y. A typical signup bonus might be 100% up to $100 which means that your initial deposit amount is matched by the casino’s bonus up to $100 so that if you deposit $150, you still get just $100 in bonus. There are some online casinos which offer deposit bonuses up to 200%; that is if you deposit $100, you will get a $200 bonus on top of that. However, there are restrictions to being able to withdraw the bonus and these are different for each website and covered in a specific website’s terms and conditions. Some casinos offer greater bonuses, like All Jackpots Casino or WildJack Casino, but in order to enjoy the whole thing hard restrictions apply, so it's by no means an easy bonus to get. Other casinos, like new Miami Club Casino offer you $800 welcome bonus and $10000 in slots tournaments - worth checking!

No-Deposit bonus or Free Cash Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses or free cash bonuses are exactly what the name implies. They are bonuses that you are given for free. The cash out restrictions of typical signup deposit bonuses are also going to apply to no deposit bonuses and in many cases the latter will have much harder requirements to go through. In most cases as well, no deposit bonuses are usually much smaller than signup bonuses (a good estimate could be that the average no deposit bonus a casino gives out might be around 5% the size of an average deposit bonus) and therefore are little more than token amounts that allow a person either the chance to get very lucky and turn it into something big or alternatively just test the software out using real money.

Ongoing Gaming Bonus

Ongoing gaming bonuses are just bonuses that are accumulated while you actually play a game. These are also known sometimes as loyalty programs and a typical loyalty program might give you one point for every $1 you wager, then saying that every 1000 points gives you $1 in cash. They usually aren’t very spectacular, but they are a way for you to eventually get money. Great examples of the ongoing gaming Bonuses are Weekly Online Surprise Bonuses and Daily Rewards on one of the best US friendly online casinos today - Liberty Slots.

Cash Back Bonus

A cash back bonus is offered by many online casinos. This allows players who have not won any money when first joining the casino playing slots (usually) or other games. They can contact the cashier in order to receive this cash back.

Deposit Bonus

One of the most competitive of all bonuses is the Deposit Bonus. Depending upon the online casino that is looking for your membership, these deposit bonuses can range up to $10,000 or more. Moreover, using Bitcoin to fund your casino account may also come with its own huge bonus. It is important, however, to read the terms and conditions.

Exclusive Bonus

An Exclusive Bonus is one that is provided by an online casino who is perhaps promoting a new game. These bonuses can also include free spins, which is currently trending at online casinos.

Free Spins Bonus

The Free Spins Bonus as mentioned earlier, is another sought after bonus. This free spins bonus may accompany the deposit bonus, or it may also be a separate promotion y the online casino.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonuses can be found in the promotion section of online casinos. These bonuses can also be part of the VIP Rewards Program, and include many specific items that players look forward to.

Reload Bonus

You may have seen online casinos offering Reload Bonuses. This is also a special bonus feature for players who want to add money to their account while, at the same time, receiving additional money to do so.

Weekly Bonus

You will find Weekly Bonuses at most of our top online casinos. These bonuses are given on a daily basis including weekend bonuses as well. You may also find special promotional bonuses given on a daily basis or for a specific time of the month. The promotion can be for a new slot game or a celebratory date in time.

Special Bonus

Special bonus programs are simply things that you might get at some point doing something for the casino. A good example of a special bonus would be something that they might run as a promotion during one specific part of the week. A typical special bonus would be that someone randomly gets $50 out of all the people that are online and using the software at a specific time.