Once again, we have another crypto currency that, from the outset, surged in price. If you call a range of 3 cents to $1.28 a meteoric rise, then there is something amiss here. In January of 2018, it fell to $1.28. And so it goes…….again. Here we have a new crypto currency that users were flocking to perhaps because it was new or because for 3 cents a coin, what the heck. Now here’s the anomaly; it has the fifth highest market capitalization of all crypto currencies. Why? Because it is the first blockchain that was developed from a scientific perspective and the only one that was designed and built by a team of global engineers and academics. Some experts say that Cardano may become the third largest crypto currency. The company’s currency is called Ada and unlike Bitcoin, it uses a proof of stake system for its payments. This allows transactions to be more efficient and also gives Cardano the ability to also handle large transactions at once. There is one caveat; however, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Cardano has not yet been embraced on a widespread basis. It is a pilot project that began in universities in Greece. So if you are thinking of buying into Cardano, wait until it is fully functional.

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