Full Tilt US Players Closer to Payment

The whole Full Tilt saga appears to be nearing the final stages with the Garden City Group being chosen by the Dept of Justice as the claims administrator for Tilt players in the US who are still awaiting their payments. This means that all US players owed cash by the online poker giants will be able to make their claims very soon and a website with all info has been set up www.fulltiltpokerclaims.com. It's about time too say many observers as Tilt was closed on Black Friday April 15th 2011 and some months later, in the fall of the same year announced that the company did not have enough cash to cover the entire player base. As we all know, things have dramatically improved for Full Tilt over the last few months and are now owned by PokerStars and back up and running, with non US players of course.

The Garden City Group

Preet Bharara the US attorney for the Southern District of New York said in a statement that, "The Garden City Group brings a track record of handling the administration of some of the country's largest and most complicated settlements, with their selection, we take a significant step forward in the process of compensating victims of the Full Tilt Poker scheme." The money paid by PokerStars as part of their settlement will also go toward paying these players. That amount was $547 million so hopefully all financial bases are now covered. This is great news for US Full Tilt players and hopefully the wait is soon to be over and although the debacle will never be forgot it can at least be put to one side.