Mobile Video Poker

It came as a very big surprise to me when I checked mobile video poker stats. According to this source, “there are more than 5 million poker players in Canada, and a reported 60 million in North American, with 100 million worldwide. And I thought slots were the biggest draw, but apparently not. On the other hand, it is no big surprise to me that mobile games are on the highest uptake they have ever been. Thus, with video poker grabbing most of the share of players, these numbers make sense. Since mobile devices came out, (and let’s not forget that every year there are newer devices that offer more apps) there has been an insurgence of mobile hype that enhances the instant gratification most video poker players enjoy. Not having to play on a PC, mobile users can play video poker anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the stats also say that video poker is one of the most preferred games because it combines poker and slots.

Technology Opens the Doors to Everyone

Due to the continued improvement of technology, video poker can now be played on most mobile devices, which originally began on PCs. What this does for players is give them the opportunity to enjoy video poker conveniently using smart phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. In addition, you have the WSOP which has garnered even more players to tag on to mobile video poker as never before. For them, at least, it is an exciting form of gaming that has the same rules as regular poker, but allows players to participate on their own time.

What is the Future of Mobile Video Poker?

At this point in time, the sky’s the limit! Certainly there are thousands of online casinos that offer video poker along with live casino games as well. So it is not a big leap to say that with the millions of mobile video players on this planet, more players will join in the fray and begin to use their mobile devices for real money poker play. Given that the poker hands played with mobile devices are the same as online casino video poker; it’s all about the hand and the amount of money that is wagered. The future of video poker has already been embedded as one of the more popular forms of gaming. Mobile devices will continue to evolve and, who knows, perhaps the new smart watches will afford video poker players to use them for gaming as well. The field is wide open for mobile devices, and as long as it is, video poker will be the mobile game of choice.