Slot Machine Etiquette

It seems that every type of activity has its own rules of etiquette, and playing the slots is no exception. Even though playing the slots is primarily a solo activity, there are definite do's and don'ts when it comes to playing the slots. This article focuses on proper slot machine etiquette.

The first piece of slot machine etiquette is to determine deal or not to deal with particular slot machine . It can be difficult for the solo slot player to save a machine when they go to the rest room or to get a drink, but there are signals that can be used to indicate that a machine is in play.

The most commonly accepted signal is to hang a coin cup over the handle of the slot machine. Another signal is to place the coin cup on the seat. In casinos that use a cashless system, a personal item such as a jacket can be placed on the seat instead.

If you see any of these signals at a particular machine, be sure to respect the signal and move on to a free machine. Online slot machines do not have such a problem of course, so choosing best online slot machine is another issue.

The second tip has to do with the player card that has been left behind. This is an extremely common occurrence, and just about every slot player has either found an abandoned card, left a card in a machine, or both. The accepted way to deal with this situation is to place the player card on top of the slot machine where it can be easily seen and retrieved.

The issue of smoking is a big one both in the casino and elsewhere. While most casinos do allow smoking, it is important for those who smoke to be courteous to others, and to position the ashtray in a manner which inconveniences other players the least. The nice thing about online casinos they all follow your rules - you may smoke as long as you love it.

Tipping is another difficult issue for many slot players, and many people are unsure how much to tip the attendant that brings the winnings. For jackpots that require a hand payout, the customary tip is one half of one percent of the jackpot. Online casinos have no issues with tips, so it make save you a couple of bucks.

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