Reel Splitter Slots

You might if you decide to find out more about this new entry into the world of slot games. Splitting some reels sounds like a good opportunity to get more of them into play, but is that what is really going on here? The creators have certainly picked a good title. It got our attention when we first saw it. Will the game manage to keep that interest and offer some cool features as well?

It’s time to discover everything you need to know about the new Reel Splitter online slot game. Are you ready to dive in?

The creator of Reel Splitter slots is…

Microgaming . Yes, the team behind lots of other memorable and famous slots (and undoubtedly some infamous ones too) is responsible for this great new game. That should be reason enough to check it out, don’t you think?

Can you look forward to a demo of this game?

You can. Microgaming is amenable to revealing all about its games, which means you can play the demo of Reel Splitter to see if it has enough to appeal to you. If it does, you know you can switch over to real play instead.

What do we know about the game theme?

Microgaming has kept things simple with this one. If you love complex backgrounds, this is not the one for you. There isn’t much of a theme here, other than providing players with a formulaic theme based around fruit. Don’t let that dissuade you from checking out some awesome gameplay though.

What is the design like?

The simplistic design does mean the reels are large and occupy most of the screen though. You can also expect to see a 2D design across those reels.

Let’s discover the basics about this slot game

Surprisingly, the game features four reels. There is a wild involved, showing as the word over a two-tone and two-color background. You can also spot a stacked wild in play. This would cover an entire reel and shows three wilds inside the boundary.

If you prefer slots with progressive jackpots on offer, this one doesn’t fit into that category. It does make up for that with a good top prize and the chance to appreciate some interesting features. We will reveal all shortly…

Covering the paylines

There is no need to cover any paylines in Reel Splitter, since the game does not have any. Instead, you get way wins, and with four reels in use this amounts to 81 ways. These are covered by one spin bet per go.

The standard 81 ways to win increase to 243 ways to win whenever the main feature of the game begins. We will describe how this works shortly.

Select your wagers

Way-win slots give players an easy time of selecting bets. You don’t need to multiply by the number of available paylines. Instead, just choose one amount from all the ones provided. For Reel Splitter, the amounts go from 10 cents up to $100, so most players should find a good bet to go with there. A 10-cent minimum is a good amount for 81 potential ways to get prizes.

Does the game have a paytable?

Yes, but you need to find it via the three dots shown within a circle. These are spotted on the right of reel five. Several icons then appear. Choose the one displaying a dollar sign and you will find yourself looking at the paytable. This one isn’t shown in pages; instead, it can be viewed by scrolling.

Can you expect a chance to unlock a bonus feature?

Not as such, although the most important feature of the game is described by the title, so let’s discuss that here. If you manage to score a prize by finding four matching icons over the four reels, you will get the associated prize. You will also then see a fifth reel appear in the middle of the existing four. This is where the 243 winning ways come into play.

The four original reels remain frozen while this new reel goes through a free re-spin. This is the Reel Splitter Re-Spin feature. This gives you a chance to get a bigger prize if anything on the fifth reel matches what appeared on the original four.

Does Reel Splitter have any free games available?

It does, which might surprise you given we already know about the re-spin element. There aren’t many slot games that offer both, but this one does. You will need to find three or four of the symbols that say FREE SPINS on them to get just that. The regular three-symbol trigger brings you eight free games to play. However, if you manage to find one more to bring your total to four icons, the round is triggered with 16 free games to play.

The free games begin with the extra reel in the middle. This means you play on a five-reel, 243-ways screen. Normally, the game works with prizes paying out for combos from the left side of your screen only, i.e. from reel one. This time, you get prizes for both ways, so there are extra ways you could win. That third reel – the extra one – also takes the form of an expanded sticky wild throughout.

Checking out the RTP value

Our research has not revealed the value for this game yet.

Our rating for Reel Splitter slots

We love games with more detail involved than this one, but we would still rate this as an 8 out of 10 game. Would you agree with that? We ranked it that high on account of the good bonus features involved.

What is the most you could get in prize money if you won?

The best you could get here is a huge 6,411x your triggering bet. That makes up for the lack of a progressive pot to go for, doesn’t it?

Practice play is recommended

There are elements here that will seem familiar, but we still suggest you play this for the first time in demo mode. Practicing for a while with demo credits is always a good idea when trying new titles.

Real money play is also available

If you like this slot, you may decide to switch to the real version. Many casinos offering Microgaming slots will promote this as a new title, so watch out for it to appear.

Will you switch to try the game on your mobile device?

You can do this if you wish, since the game has been created for use on Android, iOS, and many other mobile platforms. It means you can try and split those reels on more than just your computer!