New Bodog Slots - 7's and Stripes Slots

This is one of the sought after three reel game. A player can chose coins from the available denominations of 0.05 dollars, 0.25 dollars, 0.5 dollars, 1 dollar and 5 dollars. The pay out and pay line is shown on the machine and it gives the details of the total winnings of a player.

In this three reel game, the highest value combination is set to one red seven, one white seven and one blue seven. A player must three coins in order to win the highest credits. The key concept is that one must bet 3 coins to get the maximum amount of payouts.

To start with the game one has to add the credits by clicking on the denominations one has, or by clicking the pay slots. One can place any amount of credit in ones account, until the account gets full.

After the account has the requisite money one can start playing the game by clicking 'bet one' to bet up to three coins. Or one can simply press "3 credits". Then to start the spin, press the spin 'reel button'. One wins or loses depending on the outcome of the spin.

After the player has selected the total credits he wishes to carry in the game, he can start playing the game. By pressing the spin button, the reel can be made to spin, and game progresses depending on the outcome of a spin. One can win or loose depending on the combination of icons that appears on the screen at the end of a spin.