Bovada Launches a 77 Million Spin Challenge

Can online players meet the challenge Bovada Casino is offering? With over $100,000 in prizes, you betcha! Here's how this challenge will work. The goal is for slot players to reach the 77 million spin mark. There will be 11 milestone spins with 77 players vying for the big prize. The $100,000 will be awarded in cash prizesand weekly match bonuses. Players will be asked to wager a minimum of $777 from October 5 until the first milestone is met and/or between two milestones consecutively in order to become eligible for this special draw. During this challenge, Bovada Casino is offering weekly match bonuses of 100% that will be available to players. Are you ready to meet this challenge? If so, sign up today at Bovada Casino and start spinning those reels.