Birdz Slots

You may have seen slots in which birds are perched on a wire. Although the Birdz are still perched in a wire, the slot game is totally different offering a variety of bonuses. Designed by Games Warehouse, you will be able to play this slot game on your desktop and mobile devices. Some of the great things you will find in this slot are the Bird Blitz; Shotgun; Zap; Pecking Order; Scarecrow; and Cracking Wilds. If you’re ready for some exciting features, we invite you to play Birdz Slots at our recommended casinos.

Game Facts

Birdz is a 30-payline bonus video slot. The coin denominations range from 30p to £150. According to the pay table, wins are capped at £250,000. We strongly advise you to read the entire payable as each of the bonus rounds offer something unique. There is a very unique Auto Play control that offers the stake per spin, number of plays, loss limit, and single win limit. Ingenious! By the way, the Birds fly in and out when you hit the spin button.

Birds on a Wire

There are 5 birds each on 3 wires; birds of different colors. But as you look to the left side of the slot, you will see the following: Cracking Wilds, Scarecrow, Pecking Order, ZAP, Shotgun X2, and Shotgun. These are bonus features that are very important to the game. As far as the symbols are concerned, the Egg symbol is wild and will substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. Get all five Egg symbols to win £600. Get all five Black birds to win £600 as well.

The Bird Blitz

The Bird Blitz is activated randomly at the end of a winning game. In the Bird Blitz Bonus, birds keep flying in and out until a winning combination of birds fly in.

Shotgun and Shotgun 2

The Shotgun Bonus selects a bird symbols from the first 3 reels and gets rid of it. The remaining symbols will cascade and the empty spot will be replaced. In the Shotgun 2 Bonus, 2 symbols will be eliminated.

ZAP Bonus

In this bonus round, one of three bird wires is electrified. Thus, all the birds on that wire will be eliminated. Once again, the remaining symbols will take up the empty spaces. Note that one of the wires that are electrified will have the least wild symbols.

Pecking Order

The Pecking Order bonus replaces a minimum of three of the lowest valued symbols with higher valued symbols.

Scarecrow Bonus

The scarecrow will scare all the birds away. And all birds and eggs will be replaced.

Cracking Wilds

This bonus replaces all symbols on one of the first 3 reels with wild symbols.

Play the Bonus Filled Birdz Slots

This slot will become more popular that its predecessors due to the number of special bonus features. It is worth playing, value-wise, and it is fun and exciting it is own way. Play Birdz Slots at our featured casinos.