Parrots of the Caribbean Slots

Parrots of the Caribbean is an ingenious slot game that can be a take-off of Pirates of the Caribbean. The Parrots in this game, however, are pirates which make it one hilarious slot game. Produced in 3D and created for mobile devices, there is no doubt you will really enjoy playing this game.

About the Game

The bottom buttons are the normal ones you would find in a slot game. We do recommend, however, that you read the pay table as it will display all the symbols, payouts, special features, and general rules of the game.

Playing Parrots of the Caribbean

This slot game has some very special features. When you first begin play, you will notice the huge stone skull in the background, along with palm trees, sand, and the ocean located somewhere in the Caribbean. But hang in there, because these parrots will provide you with an entertaining adventure and an abundance of treasures. In this game, you will win free spins, take advantage of the sticky wild feature and embark on a treasure hunt that are even beyond the parrots wildest dreams. What is interesting about this slot game is that when you begin play, it is daylight. But when you win the free spins round, it is night time. There is a Free Spins symbol that will get you to this round. But there is also the Pirate Plumber Bonus Round. This is an odd name for a bonus round, don’t you think?

Pirate Plumber Treasure Hunt Bonus Round

On a second screen you will see a map of the island. In the center of the map, there will appear one of the parrots. You will then be asked to spin the compass to reveal your multiplier. That multiplier will then appear in the multiplier window at the bottom of the screen. The multipliers range from 2xs to 6xs. On the map itself, you will see all the symbols as well as multipliers from 2xs to 8xs. At the bottom of the screen you will see the number of spins window, a win window, and total amount won window. To the right you will see a black flag with a white skull on it and under that you will see 0/10. At the top left of this screen, it will tell you that matching compass pointers will award an extra turn. At the top right, it tells you that the awards will be multiplied by your total bet.

Play Parrots of the Caribbean Slots

This is a wonderfully designed slot game that is entertaining, lucrative, and ideally crafted for mobile users. You can also play this game on your PC as well. Therefore we invite you to play Parrots of the Caribbean Slots at our preferred casinos.