Birthday Bash Slots

In one of the most original and most colorful slot games, we would like to introduce to you Birthday Bash Slots. What is so fabulous about this slot game is that the background is all black allowing the slot machine itself to absolutely shine as the main event. I would love to have this slot game at my next birthday party! No cards – YAY! The designers of this slot game must have figured out that a Birthday has no room for idle symbols, and this game proves it. It’s a birthday party at its best.

About the Game

Birthday Bash Slots is exquisite in that it’s all about the party. The symbols are fantastic, colorful, and lend themselves fully to the title of this game. What makes this game so special is that at the bottom of the slot there are 5 Hold buttons. To the right of the machine you have the sound button, the full screen button, an Auto Play button, and the pay table question mark button. Be sure to read the pay table for this game because you won’t want to miss out on anything this game has to offer. The pay table is a multi-page informational guide to this game. It will consist of all the symbols, payouts, special features, and general rules of the game.

Playing the Game

The first page of the pay table is most important as it will describe to you the function of the pay line selector, bet amount selector, and those special hold buttons. The hold buttons, by the way, will allow you to hold up to 4 reels after a non-winning spin. The hold option is disabled after 5 spins with at least one reel held when you change your pay lines or bets or when you win. This is one of the most unique features in a slot game I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of video poker. This slot game also has a Win Pick Bonus Game. All of the symbols pay out with multipliers from 1xs to 500xs your bet. This highest multiplier will kick in when you get all five Firework symbols. The Wild symbols consist of different colors in the word. It substitutes for any other symbol on a pay line. The Present symbol begins the Increasing Win Pick Bonus Game.

Increasing Win Pick Bonus Game

When the bonus game begins, all symbols will be replaced with Birthday presents. Click on any present on the bottom line to reveal one of three options: Multiplication of your total bet; UP arrow or Collect symbol. When you find the UP arrow, you will move to the next line where the wins will be higher (akin to a pyramid scheme). The Collect symbol pays out your winnings and the bonus game will end. LOVE IT!

Definitely Play Birthday Bash Slots on Your Birthday

Of course, you can play this game anytime – but it will hold special meaning on your birthday. If you have a good ole Birthday Bash, invite your friends to play this game as well at our recommended casinos.