3D Slots

When they first came out with HDTV in 3D, it seemed inevitable that online slots would follow the trend. Sunshine Slots is here to tell you that 3D slots have burst upon the scene in Cinematic Technicolor with video animations that rival their movie counterparts. Having had the opportunity to play the newest 3D slots, we can tell you that you are in for the biggest treat of your life. Not only are the 3D slot games interactive, but are presented in an entirely different format. This is just one of the many new design features that make 3D slots so appealing. The other factor is that they are just as lucrative as progressive slots and offer more bonus features than any other slot games we’ve reviewed. The animations and sounds are extraordinary, and the themes range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Also new to 3D slots is that the word “paytable” has been replaced with the words “View Pays.” But the one constant in 3D slots is that they are loads of fun to play and will keep you glued to your seat in anticipation of what’s to come. Regardless of the theme, the backgrounds are full of realism, the characters are interesting and funny, and the pace of the slot is fast. 3D slots are as real as watching a movie while playing a game at the same time. We invite you to play our selected 3D slots, and enjoy what we now refer to as the “new age” of slot play online.

Best BetSoft 3D Slots