7th Heaven Slots

Although 7th Heaven Slots has very rudimentary symbols, they do pack quite a wallop when appearing in winning combinations. Or to say it another way, this classic slot with red, green, and blue sevens can pay out handsomely when just one seven appears on the first pay line. I was genuinely caught by surprise with this slot game and was incredibly astounded when I hit a blue seven with two expanding wilds that paid out 12,000 coins! Having said that; here is a comprehensive review of this fabulous slot game you can play at Drake Casino . Don’t miss it!

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 18-payline slot, 7th Heaven Slots is the first slot game I have played that pays out with a single symbol. With coin denominations ranging from 2 cents to $1, the max bet is $90. It is definitely worth it to bet the max in this game as it comprises two free spin rounds and a very very lucrative bonus game.

Lucky Sevens!

The symbols in 7th Heaven Slots include: red sevens, blue sevens, green sevens, bells, bars, cherries, a Color Wheel, Gem Party Icon, and all four card suits. It also includes a wild (W) symbol that when appearing on all in a row will expand. This wild symbol is important because when it appears with a colored 7 – you can win big time, as I mentioned in my opening paragraph. Get all three red 7’s and you can win the 5000 jackpot! But there is more to this game than meets the eye.

The W is WILD!

The W symbol appears on reels 2, 3, or 4 completes and doubles any winning combination of 7s. When winning 7 combinations is completed, the W symbol will expand to cover the entire reel.

Round and Round She Goes

Another bonus feature in 7th Heaven Slots is the Color Bonus Reel. When this symbol appears three or more times, you are taken to a second screen where you are asked to spin the wheel. This wheel is comprised of numbers from 7 to 12 on the outside, and the color-coded card suits on the inside. When you spin the wheel and land on a number, this is how many free spins you will be awarded along with the card suit. Thus, if you land on 7 and clubs you will be taken back to the slot game where 7 free spins will begin and each time a club is shown, it will pay out equal to your trigger bet.

The Gem Party

Another bonus free spins feature is the Gem Party Round. Get three of the Gem Party symbols and you will be taken to a second screen where a seven colored gems will appear. You will automatically receive 7 free spins and all matching gems on each spin will reward with you top money. For example, five blue gems will win you 7500 coins; five red gems will win you 5000 coins; and so on. Be sure to read the pay table to view the payouts for this free spins round.

Play 7th Heaven Slots

It is not very often that you can play a slot game where one symbol and two wilds will garner you over 10,000 coins for just one 90-coin spin. We invite you to join Drake Casino and play 7th Heaven Slots. It will most definitely put you in 7th Heaven!