No Worries - 5-Reel, 9-Payline Video Slot - Top Microgaming Slots

"G'day mate! So how about a 'reel' Australian outback walkabout? Yeah, you heard me right!" Spin the reel and find yourself in a world of wombats, platypuses, koalas, Tasmanian devils and all the other weird and wonderful creatures the outback has to offer. Spin the wheel and be prepared to win 25 free spins starting at 2X multiplier - find the Beer Can on the 5th reel and win an additional 'cool' multiplier - exactly what one needs in the scorching Aussie heat. You can also experience the pick-a-prize feature where you can 'collect,' 'replay,' or pick a mystery prize - the choice is yours.

5-Reel, 9-Payline Video Slot

No Worries slots is one of the great 5-Reel, 9-Payline Video Slot games from Microgaming. Nice and clean graphics, cool sounds and 5 grands jackpot just do the trick. We wish you to have a good time and no worries playing no worries slots!