Pokies Parlour Casino

If you call your slots pokies, chances are you live in Australia. And if that is the case, you might already have heard of Pokies Parlour Casino. If not, you're in the right place to change that, thanks to our comprehensive review of all the features and benefits it offers.

With more games than many other casinos can even dream of offering, this is one cool site to check out. Get the edge by reading our review beforehand.

How many software developers would you like to see at this casino?

If you answered 'a few' you're going to love what we are about to reveal to you here. There are well over a dozen names to explore as you dive into the games lobby, which means you could discover new sources of slots and other games to play. You can choose to see all the available games, but there is a facility to pick only those games from a selected developer. It's a nice way to figure out what to look for.

What will you make of the lobby?

Once you're viewing the games, there are various ways to narrow the selection you see on your screen. There are a few categories to look through, but you've also got a search facility if you need it. This is the fastest way to see if they have a specific title.

The screen also shows rectangular images for each game, spread six icons wide over the screen. Since they are all quite colorful, it's easy to check out various titles very quickly.

Join the casino by completing the various steps provided

If you've already signed up to another casino, you shouldn't find anything too complex here. You'll need to provide your address, date of birth, login details, and other important information. This and other info is broken into three easy steps.

Signup restrictions at Pokies Parlour

The casino is not available to everyone. However, it appears that the casino will block you from accessing it if you are from a banned jurisdiction. (For example, one of our team tried to view it from the UK and could not even see the homepage.)

Aussies are welcome to sign up though, as the site is clearly geared towards those in Australia with the use of the pokies terminology. If you can visit the site, read through the terms and conditions. It is also worth confirming that your location does allow online gambling at casinos to take place.

Choose from over 2,000 casino games

The majority of those are going to fall into the pokies arena, of course. That's quite usual for many online casinos. However, you won't miss out if you want to try other games occasionally too.

There is a category reserved for table games, for example. You'll find roulette, blackjack, keno, and even some bingo in there, so it is quite a diverse collection to explore. You've got a separate section to look at for video poker too.

Which of the hundreds of slots are you going to play first?

You should take some time to check out the options here, since there are so many of them. Look for your favorite providers or head in the opposite direction and try something new. There are enough available options for sure.

To give you an idea of the pokies you could soon play, here are just some of the titles we spotted. We liked the look of Wixx, Spinions Beach Party, Crystal Queen, and Super Sweets. Some of those are newer than others, so you'll get a good array of new titles to try among the classics.

What about the chance of trying some practice games?

You do get the opportunity to do this, yes. Make sure you are signed in when you do so. This enables you to switch over to the real version of any game if you would like to. Practice versions operate the same as the real ones, the only difference being the fact you don't pay to try the demos. Of course, there are no prizes there either - not real withdrawable ones anyway.

That's why the paid games are worth checking out

There are hundreds to choose from, so once you have explored some of the demos you can see if you fancy trying the real thing. With this many games to look at, you're going to find plenty that have a betting range that is sure to be right for you. We'd advise you to check on this before committing yourself to any pokie game.

New slot games get a label

That's good news, because they don't get a special section in the main menu for Pokies Parlour. You should look for a green sash over the top right corner of any game that is new. It'll say just that too - NEW. It's easy to spot without taking up much of the screen or logo for a game.

Promotions can be sourced from the main menu as well

The welcome package - and it is a package - covers more than just one deposit, fortunately. You get a bonus on top of seven deposits at Pokies Parlour. Yes, you did read that correctly. This could amount to $2,777 Aussie dollars if you made the best of it. Different percentages are provided in each case, so check out the deal on the website to learn more.

After that, there are Pokies Free Spins offers and More Pokies on the Weekends too. These are designed for current players to appreciate, with some free spins in the offing if you want them.

Is there a chance of some tournaments?

We didn't see anything relating to tournament events when we checked out the site. There could be potential for change in future though, as this casino is new on the block.

Payouts are best sought in the jackpots area

You could end up seeking prizes by playing any game you like, of course. However, if you want to try the games offering the biggest prizes, you can do so by visiting the jackpots section of the menu. This is where all the progressive games can be found.

Check out the VIP program in search of casino rewards

There's no need to qualify to become part of the VIP program at Pokies Parlour. When you make that all-important first deposit, the program welcomes you. That's it - isn't that great? Points are awarded whenever you wager a certain amount. The amount varies depending on the type of game you play. You can learn more by exploring the various areas of the VIP page, too. There are cashback offers and other promotions that might crop up.

Mobile and app options at Pokies Parlour

You can check out the mobile version of the casino if you've got a tablet or smartphone handy. This version is fully optimized, which means you don't need to worry about app downloads for Android or iOS. Just use your regular mobile browser to visit and login as you usually would.

Make sure you register before you play

This ensures you can reach all areas of the site. You can also switch from the demo format to the real thing with a simple changeover.

Instant play action

You've probably guessed by now that the casino is an instant play one. This means you don't need to look for or download any software. Just visit, login (or sign up) and get started.

Affiliate information should you want it

Did you spot the affiliate link in the menu at Pokies Parlour? If not, we can confirm there is an affiliate program for those who want to try and earn commissions from this method. It looks as though you need to contact the affiliate team to learn more about this.

Nothing sports related to look for

Pokies Parlour is indeed an area filled with pokies and other games. One thing you won't find is a sporting area, as there is no sportsbook or racebook to look at here.

What about finding a blog or forum?

The main menu does have a link to their blog, which also gives you the latest news relating to the site. There isn't a forum, although that is quite common among casinos.

What about live dealer games?

Yep, you do get the chance to try some of these as well. These get their own section in the menu, and you can explore games provided by several developers known for their forays into live gaming. Expect titles from VIVO Gaming and Evolution Gaming among others.

Assorted deposit facilities to choose from

Most casinos offer a few deposit methods, but you'll find plenty at this casino. There are ones that fall into all the major categories, including card payments, e-wallet payment methods, and cryptocurrencies as well.

Making a withdrawal

Not all deposit methods are good for withdrawals as well, so check the information for each method in the cashier area to find out whether your chosen deposit method is good for taking money out too.

Bitcoin makes a welcome appearance at Pokies Parlour

Lovers of virtual currencies can find Bitcoin as a banking option. Other options of a similar ilk include Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. You might spot the occasional bonus relating to deposits made via these methods, so watch out for those. They're never guaranteed, of course.

Could you find help within the FAQ?

Yes, it's likely you can, as this covers the most common queries the casino receives. If you cannot get the information you need there, they do have a live chat feature that provides a quick way to learn more. Emailing them is possible too.