Nevada Affiliate License

If they want to do it, affiliates will need a proper license in Nevada as required now to market and promote online poker sites to the residents of that State. It’s official and affiliates can now begin the process of obtaining a license that will enable them to operate legally in the US, even if it’s just one State.

There is a first applicant who has been approved. PokerTrip Enterprises is the first affiliate to receive the license and more are sure to be on the way.

The Nevada’s State Gaming Control Board authorizes the affiliate license and approves the lengthy review process. Affiliates just need to apply for a Class 3 License in the Marketing Affiliate category or as a Licensure Service Provider. Mark Lipparelli, chairman of the State Gaming Control Board stated that online poker operators do not require a special license to market their products to players, but affiliates delivering players to online sites for compensation do require marketing affiliate licenses.

What new affiliates need to expect during the process

  • Affiliates will need to prepare to follow the stringent protocol to receive the license. Some of the highlights of the Service Provider application include: General description of the business, Copies of service agreements with Nevada Gaming Licensees, Personal History Record, Financial Questionnaire, and FBI Fingerprints.
  • Furthermore they will need to provide a complete list of stock holders, members and/or partners showing the number of shares and/or interest of record held by each including the Partnership Agreement, Trust, Joint Venture, Articles of Incorporation, Organization and a Business Plan.
  • Finally, the applicant must provide a check for $3,000 that includes covering the investigation fees.
  • Some of the other details that must be provided in the investigation process are criminal background checks as well as bank statements, tax returns, birth certificate, real estate transactions, business documents, release forms, power of attorney forms, and waiver of rights forms.
  • It is recommended that affiliates hire the professional services of an attorney that knows exactly what they are doing as it is quite a lengthy process that does take a few months and there are a lot of details to cover.
  • Then there is the hearing process where you must present to the Chairman and Board Members, and Secretary of the NV Gaming Control Board that includes introducing yourself, your company, and of course address any questions that they might have.

Get ready and be prepared.

Anyone who has applied for the Nevada Affiliate License claims it is quite a rigorous process and that anyone embarking upon this journey is to come well prepared; so it’s advised to do your research and hire a lawyer.

It is still not certain if some of the smaller affiliates will require a gaming license.

One thing is for sure, is that any affiliate who applies should be prepared for anything during this approval process.

Those who are prepared will be ready to take on anything and will prosper in the long run, especially once other States begin the same process of licensing affiliates.

Other States will surely have their own requirements but Nevada will be the one State that sets the major guidelines, due diligence process and sets the stage for what’s to come in the future of affiliate and service provider regulations in the US.