Playing Casino Games in Utah

If you are looking to play casino games in the state of Utah then think again. Utah is in fact one of only 2 states in the entire Union that does not permit any gambling at all. Most states will at least allow gambling on Indian owned land and have entered into compacts that allow for this, however Utah does not permit this as state officials in general believe that Native Americans should not be exempt from state laws. There are of course arguments both for and against gambling in all states across the US and while some permit both Indian owned casinos and commercial casinos, Utah permits neither. Lawmakers in the state have even gone as far as to opt out of any bill that may include regulating online poker in the states, even though as yet one does not exists and this typifies its anti gambling stance. Utah outlaws betting on horses and has in the past cracked down on all forms of illegal gambling in the state. Regarding playing in an online casino, well that is a gray area and although Utah does not allow any gambling at all no-one has ever been charged with playing in an online casino and nor are they ever likely to. This means that this is a rather short article regarding gambling in Utah, however we can tell you about playing casino games online.

Online Casinos for Residents of Utah

There are many online casinos that accept and indeed welcome residents of the state of Utah, and there they will find casino games that they can’t find within state borders. Casino games players will be treated to a huge variety of slots such as 3 reel traditional slots, progressive jackpot slots and the extremely popular 5 reel video slots. Video slots come with many themes and include superb graphics and animations that really out of this world. Should you prefer table games then you’ll have nothing to worry about as there’s plenty on offer including plenty varieties of blackjack and roulette as well as craps, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker, pai gow, let it ride, casino war and so much more, in fact some casinos offer well over 200 games. All online casinos will offer promotions, bonuses and loyalty rewards too and you’ll usually be welcomed with an initial deposit bonus. During the month you’ll see various promotions, slots tournaments, competitions and giveaways that all add to the online experience. Your online safety is important too and online casinos offer very good security measures and plenty of payment options. They are used by many people around the US who enjoy playing casino games and players of all types regularly log on and get their enjoyment.

Casino Games in Utah Summary

As you can see, playing casino games in Utah is a mixed bag, with no options at all in land based casinos. These laws have been in place for an extremely long time and it’s safe to say that they will not be changing anytime soon. Online casinos offer a great alternative and as mentioned, many people take this option.