Playing Casino Games in North Carolina

North Carolina is a mixed bag when it comes to playing and enjoying casino games. It wasn’t so long ago that there was no legalized gambling in the state at all, not even a state lottery. The lottery finally got the go ahead in 2006 and is way beyond most states as far as that is concerned. As far as playing casino style games in an actual casino, residents are very limited on that front too with just electronic games being allowed, such as slots and video poker, along with electronic roulette and will not find any live dealer games available. The state does allow bingo, but that is not classed as a casino game and this leaves North Carolina way behind most states as far as land based casinos are concerned, with their just being the one in the entire states, albeit a very good one. Residents do have the great option of playing games in an online casino however and many of them do exactly that.

Land Based Casinos in North Carolina

As mentioned, there is just the one casino in the state of North Carolina and that is the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel which is owned and operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Although the state only allows for electronic casino games to be played, Harrah’s has taken this to its absolute limit. As well as there being plenty of slots they also offer the state of the art electronic blackjack and roulette and these terminals come as close as you can possibly get to the real thing, although many traditionalists will disagree. You will also find electronic craps on offer too and many of the slots have been linked up and have formed the ‘Cherokee Raffle Reels’ which means that when a player inserts their card, they are also entering a lottery game. Harrah’s Cherokee is a huge casino resort and offers plenty more other than gaming and you’ll find a 1,108 room hotel, 3 top quality golf courses, a huge spa, a 3,000 seat entertainment venue, a digital poker room, retail outlets and plenty of dining options. It has become one of the main tourist attractions in the state and provides plenty of jobs, in fact it is now one of the biggest resort style casinos in the entire United States. This place would be fantastic for casino games fans if the state permitted live dealer games, but as it stands it provides a very good alternative.

Online Casinos for Residents of North Carolina

There are no laws in the state of North Carolina regarding the playing of casino games in online casinos. There is no law at federal level either so this leaves residents of this fine state a huge amount of options to choose from. Online casinos provide a fantastic alternative to land based casinos and in the case of North Carolina where only electronic games are permitted in land based casinos, then you may as well stay at home and do the exact same thing. The big differences are however is that online casinos will offer you a large welcome bonus, plenty of promotions, competitions, rewards and a lot more games than you’ll find offline. Games will include all varieties of blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, pai gow poker, let it ride, casino war, slots and plenty more. These state of the art casinos are safe and secure and will offer residents of North Carolina plenty of ways to deposit into their casino accounts and most will also offer around the clock support.

Casino Games in North Carolina Summary

In summary then residents of North Carolina have a few options when it comes to playing casino games and although there is only the one land based establishment it is an incredible option to have. The lack of live dealer games in the state is the only point on where things could be improved and many one day that will happen. Online casinos provide a welcome alternative and many residents of North Carolina do this on a regular basis.