Playing Casino Games in Nebraska

Playing casino games in the state of Nebraska is totally legal on Indian owned land and there are a few land based casinos in which you may do just that. There are no commercial casinos in the state that are located outside of Indian land and you’ll not find a horse racing track either. There is however plenty of support in the state to change all of this due to the simple fact that plenty of money goes out of the state when residents take the trip to one of the neighboring states to enjoy casino style entertainment. By changing the laws Nebraska could benefit by offering its residents the chance to enjoy playing casino games in a commercial casino that is regulated and taxed by the state, and maybe this is only a matter of time. There is of course the option for residents of Nebraska to play online casino games and there is no mention of online gambling at all in the Nebraska penal code meaning that many residents play online casino games in one of the many online casinos that welcome them.

Land Based Casinos in Nebraska

There are currently five land based casinos in Nebraska and three of them will offer plenty of casino table games, with the other two only offering slots and other electronic games with all of them being relatively small in size. The largest Nebraskan casino is the Ohiya Casino in Emerson and features a 14,000 square feet of gaming space. It’s a huge facility by any standards but it does offer a decent amount of table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, along with many slots and other electronic games. The Ohiya has been in operation for 16 years and also offers a large bingo hall. The Iron Horse Casino has just 54 slots and a few table games along with a good restaurant and bar. The Rosebud Casino is the only other casino in the state that offers table games. Located in Valentine it offers 10,500 square feet of gaming space as well as two restaurants and a hotel. The two casino that offer slots only are the Lucky 777 and the Native Star Casino and both are very small but offer basic facilities and eateries. As you can see you’ll not find the sprawling resorts that some states offer, or the glamor of Vegas style casinos, but at least residents do get to enjoy playing casino games within the state.

Online Casinos for Residents of Nebraska

Whilst there are no laws in the Nebraska penal code, nor are there ever likely to be, then residents of this fine state are free to play online casino games in whatever online casino that takes their fancy, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Online casinos offer a huge variety of online casino games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, pai gow poker, Caribbean stud, casino war and many more. There will also be plenty of slots available including three reel traditional slots, modern five reel video slots and also progressive jackpot slots. You will also find plenty of bonuses available starting off as soon as you sign up with a welcome bonus that gives you extra cash to enjoy your favorite casino games. There are plenty of other rewards on offer too such as loyalty programs, slots tournaments, promotions and competitions that you may enjoy. Online casinos offer a great alternative to land based establishments and these state of the art offerings are safe and secure with all of your personal details always being kept private.

Casino Games in Nebraska Summary

Residents of Nebraska have decent options when it comes to playing casino games. Although land based casinos are limited in number and may have a smaller amount of table games than casinos in other states, the option is at least available. Nebraska is not a state that is well known for its gambling, it simply has other things to offer, however maybe one day other larger and more commercial casinos will be regulated and built. Residents are able to play in the many online casinos that welcome them and many of them do just that. It’s perfectly legal, safe and secure and offers plenty of casino entertainment.

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